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Pierce Me London (Within 7 Dials Tattoo studio)

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36 St Martins Court, Within 7 Dials Tattoo studio, Covent Garden, London, London, Westminster



Appointment for 1 to 2 piercings

. Duration:20m··. Price:£25

Appointment for 3 to 4 piercings

. Duration:40m··. Price:£45

Jewellery Fitting/ Piercing Check Up

. Duration:5m··. Price:Free

Jewellery Fittings/ Piercings Check Up

. Duration:10m··. Price:Free

Jewellery purchase

. Duration:5m··. Price:Free

Stretching Appointment

. Duration:10m··. Price:£15

Stretchings Appointment

. Duration:20m··. Price:£25

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We operate 7 days a week from 12.30am until 8pm

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12 reviews
  • Al·

    Best piercing experience yet. Friendly front desk Staff! What I thought might be an embarrassing genital piercing experience for me was exactly the opposite! Roni put me at ease with her relaxed, professional style. Discussed what I wanted, placement, proceeded to mark out and then pierced. Excellent!

  • Ehsan·

    Have been a few occasions to this studio for an Ampallang piercing, now a Lorum/Hafada piercing. I was seen by Roni each time and cannot recommend her enough to other people wanting to get piercings from her. She is not only professional but she ensured that I was at ease, answering any questions I had. Roni has a very welcoming and warmth demeanor, not to mention, the skill to perform these types of piercings. She’s also very engaging outside of the general piercing process which gives the whole experience much more pleasure.

    Every visit has been just a pleasure and am so lucky to be pierced by what I can consider a master of her craft. Cannot recommend this studio and this piercer enough, thank you very much for the amazing experiences.

  • Garry·

    My third visit for a piercing. I bloody love the team here. So friendly, professional and they absolutely know what they’re doing. Thanks so much. I’ll be back.

  • Emma Huss·

    Of course I entered the shop with intrepedation and lots of nerves; although this was very short lived; as I was greeted with genuine warmth and sincerity by the front desk team, who remembered me as a previous customer. They both soon put me at ease, it was then like sitting in a lounge with old acquaintances!

    Next up, the intimate piercings; again I was relaxed and calm. Absolutely brilliant service; so much so, that I had two additional piercings done.

    What a beautiful team here at 7 Dials, I love them and would not go anywhere else!


  • Garry·

    Very clean, professional and friendly environment. Highly recommended especially for first timers!

  • Thomas Cooper·

    Amazing place! Very professional, friendly, informative and helpful. I recommend for everyone. Thank you Roni :)

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